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Knipper Launches Turnkey Solution for Vacant Territories

LAKEWOOD, NJ – J. Knipper and Company, an innovator in healthcare marketing solutions, has announced the release of, a suite of sales-productivity tools that helps pharmaceutical companies boost script coverage and deliver samples to physicians in an innovative manner.

The suite of online tools plays the role of a virtual, vacant-territory, or white-space sales representative. Practitioners can order samples and download product literature, while managers can track campaign performance to ensure efficiency and success. The suite can be used online in real time, or offline, depending on the user’s preferences.

“ represents a major step forward in using the Internet to boost sales coverage,” said Jim Knipper, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Pharma companies are looking for innovative ways to get practitioners the samples they need, while carefully managing their cost of sales. can make a meaningful impact on the bottom line.” can provide temporary or long-term coverage of vacant or white-space territories through three main modules:

  • Practitioners can order samples online, in real time, through, an easy-to-use Web program.
  • The program lets users request a wide range of supporting materials, including product and patient literature, e-detail, and vouchers.
  • Decision-makers can access management reporting in real time: all data and campaign results are available via a user-friendly Web interface.

“ was developed with both convenience and security in mind,” said Ihab Ghaly, Knipper’s Vice President of Sampling and Regulatory Affairs. “All orders are secure and confirmed through electronic signature, with real-time verification of practitioner data.”

The suite includes modules incorporating technology from two of Knipper’s partner firms: Compass Healthcare Communications, a full-service online marketing agency, and Quaero, specialists in marketing database development and implementation.

About J. Knipper and Company, Inc.

Founded in 1986, J. Knipper and Company, Inc., provides the healthcare industry with solutions in direct marketing, sampling, compliance, information technology and sales force productivity. Going beyond its roots in direct marketing fulfillment and sample distribution, J. Knipper and Company continues to offer innovative solutions to brand marketing and sales force challenges as well as robust and comprehensive compliance data services.

The Company has invested considerably in its physical and data infrastructure over the years. Knipper now maintains 1,000,000 square feet of facilities, including significant storage capacity for refrigerated product and controlled substances, along with an advanced data center protected for the secure and safe management of client data and application services. J. Knipper and Company has become the largest provider of sample accountability services in the US and is one of a handful of companies approved as an American Medical Association Database licensee.