Press Release

Knipper “Soaking up the Sun”

LAKEWOOD, NJ — June 01, 2012 — In their latest “Green” initiative, J. Knipper and Company, Inc. (Knipper) with corporate headquarters in Lakewood New Jersey continues work on a massive solar energy project to help power their three east coast facilities. Knipper has been a well-known leader in pharmaceutical marketing support providing services for 25 years including the largest provider of sample related services. Knipper has long embraced an ecological and social sense of responsibility. In February of 2011 Knipper went live with its 4,452 solar panels installed on the roof of its corporate headquarters of 180,000 square feet. The solar panels are estimated to supply about 50% of the total annual demand of the facility and in the first four months of operation reduced the facility carbon footprint by approximately 680,000 lbs. In June of 2011 Knipper went live with 1,672 solar panels located on the roof of its 90,000 square foot product distribution center. Plans are now in process to extend the project to Knipper’s most recently acquired facility in Somerset NJ. It is hoped that this third stage will be complete by Q2 of 2013.

Knipper’s green initiatives were officially kicked off in 2008 through the creation of a formal Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC). The eleven member committee meets monthly and with its slogan “Growing Greener All the Time” the committee has positivity influenced and changed the culture infusing a higher level of environmental consciousness throughout the workforce. Knipper achieved an overall reduction of annual landfill trash by 75% through its initiatives and is now working on helping to influence trading partners through environmental awareness programs.

From green initiatives to community outreach programs Knipper continues its sense of social responsibility. Knipper recently supported various local food drives, Habitat for Humanity programs, Great American Bake Sale, Red Cross Haiti Relief Effort, and Salvation Army Angels programs among others.

About J. Knipper and Company, Inc.

Founded in 1986, J. Knipper and Company, Inc., provides the healthcare industry with solutions in direct marketing, sampling, compliance, information technology and sales force productivity. Going beyond its roots in direct marketing fulfillment and sample distribution, J. Knipper and Company continues to offer innovative solutions to brand marketing and sales force challenges as well as robust and comprehensive compliance data services.

The Company has invested considerably in its physical and data infrastructure over the years. Knipper now maintains 1,000,000 square feet of facilities, including significant storage capacity for refrigerated product and controlled substances, along with an advanced data center protected for the secure and safe management of client data and application services. J. Knipper and Company has become the largest provider of sample accountability services in the US and is one of a handful of companies approved as an American Medical Association Database licensee.