AssureHCP™ - Healthcare Provider Data Services

The Situation …

Pharma is under constant pressure to maximize product awareness and brand loyalty while regulatory scrutiny increases across all facets of drug promotion.

Incorrect or incomplete healthcare provider data negatively impacts salesforce efficiencies and dramatically increases compliance risk. HCPs must be cross referenced and identified, have a valid state license and/or DEA registration, and in many cases should not have a significant sanction against them.

Critical Challenges …

  • The state of your target universe – uniquely identifying each Healthcare Provider – knowing with certainty their specialty, state license status, and DEA status.
  • Access to “actionable” state and federal sanctions records – often essential to compliance with your company’s marketing and sampling policies.
  • Integrating with complex CRM and MDM solutions while maintaining easy online access for individual HCP look-ups and batch file processing.
  • Choosing the right service provider for this highly specialized task which is so critical to both operating efficiency and regulatory compliance.

assurehcp_logoKnipper Solution …

Knipper’s AssureHCP Healthcare Provider Data Service helps companies and their brands maximize salesforce and marketing opportunities while dramatically reducing risk associated with marketing and sampling non-compliance.

AssureHCP …

  • Provides “online access and inline integration” to over 13 Million U.S. healthcare provider records from sources including the AMA, NTIS, NPI, State Medical Boards, OIG, SAM, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, MDM, and EMS solutions.
  • Assures customer’s clear visibility of marketing and sampling eligibility at the brand and campaign level.
  • Delivers PROACTIVE compliance measures which provide advanced notice of critical factors that negatively impact targeting and help you mitigate issues before they become a problem.

From small and medium size companies to “big pharma”, AssureHCP services can be tailored to address all customer’s needs and budgets. AssureHCP is expressly designed to address the unique challenges of the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Industries. Click here to receive more information on AssureHCP.

AssureHCP™ is the premier compliance data solution for marketing and sampling eligibility, from the largest supplier of samples management services in the U.S, today – J. Knipper and Company, Inc.

Featured Services …

  • Auto Match Processing
  • Data & Reporting
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Preparation
  • DEA Registration Validation
  • Exceptions Processing
  • Exclusions Processing
  • List Enhancement
  • Marketing Eligibility
  • AssureHCP
  • Sanctions Data
  • Prescriber Validation
  • Sampling Eligibility
  • Assign Unique Identifiers
  • Target Data Management
  • Manual Resolutions