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AMA Selects J. Knipper and Company as Licensee for Physician Masterfile Database

Apr 28, 2006

LAKEWOOD, NJ – James J. Knipper, President/CEO, J. Knipper and Company, announced that the company has been licensed as an approved AMA Database Licensee. This coveted database includes DEA Numbers, used in accordance with DEA regulations, the AMA’s proprietary Medical Education Numbers, UPIN and State License Numbers, used to verify a physician is eligible to receive drug samples, cross-referenced with the most recent physician demographic data.

Mr. Knipper explained, “We are very excited about this announcement. Knipper is one of only 12 companies to provide access to this comprehensive nationwide database of physician educational and demographic information. For our existing and new customers, it’s clear that now, more than ever, J. Knipper & Co. can support their extensive data management requirements.” He added that the company’s ability to serve pharma and related healthcare verticals is expanded by becoming an AMA Database Licensee.

“For our customers, complex sets of proprietary data can now be managed to facilitate the demands associated with targeting, data integration and segmentation efforts including their promotion and marketing initiatives,” said Mr. Knipper.

Knipper’s processes of practitioner matching and validation would now be more efficient and effective by utilizing current AMA data. The intake and matching of more robust data sets can be achieved, and customers will get a better handle on their ROI modeling through access to these comprehensive data sets.

Mr. Knipper explained, “In today’s market, it’s all about using the data you have to its fullest capabilities. To achieve the highest levels in the healthcare segment, you need tools that not only identify unique data sets, but also integrate that data into one comprehensive view.

“We’re enthusiastic about providing demographic data relative to the spectrum of physicians and their practices situated across the United States and its territories. We are in good position to enable our pharmaceutical customers to match physician sampling with targeted offices and group practices at an extremely high confidence level,” Mr. Knipper stated.