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Knipper Launches Latest Evolution in Healthcare Provider Validation and Eligibility Processing, with its Newest Compliance Data Solution, AssureHCP™.

Sep 15, 2014

LAKEWOOD, NJ, September 15, 2014 — J. Knipper and Company, Inc., the largest supplier of end-to-end samples management services to the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, announced today the launch of their latest evolution in healthcare provider validation and eligibility processing, AssureHCP.

With decades of experience in marketing and pharmaceutical sample compliance, leveraging a proprietary data infrastructure expertly designed for healthcare provider data management, J. Knipper and Company has created AssureHCP, a highly advanced matching and validation platform for marketing and sample eligibility processing. Integrated directly with Knipper’s marketing and samples management systems, and available for integration with third party and customer platforms, AssureHCP offers the most accurate and comprehensive, fully integrated solution available.

“We are excited about the opportunity this creates for our customers” said Mike Laferrera, President and COO of Knipper. “In order to meet our customers’ needs we have invested heavily in this new proprietary system consisting of fewer moving parts and a simplified process which provides the high quality and increased effectiveness needed in today’s compliance-heavy environment.” Harry Murtaugh, Senior Director of Data Services who leads the effort for Knipper added, “AssureHCP answers customers’ needs by combining access to the most current healthcare provider data and up to date compliance standards with Knipper’s unparalleled array of direct marketing and samples management solutions. AssureHCP enables consistent corporate governance across all campaigns while maintaining maximum flexibility at the individual campaign level.”

AssureHCP includes online tools for matching, validation and sample eligibility processing of U.S. healthcare providers as well as complete cross reference to all industry standard identifiers including NPI, ME, DEA, and SLN.† AssureHCP also provides access to critical sanctions data from both state and federal sources including OIG, SAM, FDA, State Boards, and State Medicare/Medicaid exclusions. What’s more, Knipper has developed a first of its kind standard by which customers can apply critical sanctions data in a simple, safe, and uniform manner based on risk.

Teresita Weiss, Knipper’s VP of Regulatory Compliance shared her perspective on sanctions data: “As we observed the increase in Corporate Integrity Agreements and proactive risk avoidance across our customer base, we recognized our responsibility as industry leaders to craft a solution to the often complex and inefficient task of incorporating sanctions data into marketing and sampling eligibility processes. To that end, we analyzed the vast myriad of state and federal sanction codes and created “categories of risk” within AssureHCP which can be easily incorporated into our customer’s eligibility rules and processes”.

“Every investment we make is with our customers’ needs in mind” says Jim Knipper, co-founder and CEO of J. Knipper and Company, Inc. “Our customers expressed the desire for a solution to the growing challenges of ensuring regulatory compliance while maintaining peak operating efficiency. AssureHCP responds directly to that need and we are pleased to answer their call.”

†AMA license required