Press Release

Knipper/CBI Sampling Conference – “Rx Samples Management and Logistics Summit”

LAKEWOOD, NJ, March 21st, 2016 – As the US healthcare model continues to transform, economic pressure continues to build across all areas of life science. Each year, the Knipper/CBI sampling conference strives to focus on an area of interest that reflects the undercurrent of the industry’s challenges. This year’s sampling conference focuses squarely on “efficiency” as pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies look to squeeze every ounce of it out of their operations. Greater efficiencies are no longer a benefit but rather a necessity in today’s environment of expanding government regulation, increased market access challenges, and narrowing product margins.

Detailing and sampling remains a firm staple of most brand strategies and is often considered to account for upwards of 50% or more of a brands promotional budget. And so it stands to reason that even moderate gains in the efficiencies of a brand’s sampling operation can often provide a very significant return. Sampling activities typically span a finite number of corporate business units including sales, marketing, and regulatory operations. However the services that comprise a typical sampling operation are not necessarily so finite. They are often extensive, providing a broad pallet of opportunities for increased efficiencies across a myriad of activities which may be fertile for optimization. Activities such as data management, customer service and outreach, field sales support, warehousing, and of course logistics just to name a few.

With a history of high value and excellent attendance, this year’s conference will be held at the Wyndham Historic District in Philadelphia on April 19th and 20th. It will include areas of opportunity which will be of great significance to a broad audience including sales operations, regulatory affairs, brand management and procurement. The sessions will be paneled and moderated by Pharmaceutical company representatives and/or by representatives who are widely recognized for their expertise in a given area of service. The discussions will include such topics as high efficiency brand communication, cost effective sample data collection and reporting, and the anatomy of an optimized sampling supply chain.

As a bonus, this year’s sampling conference has been collocated with another related industry conference, “Engaging in Communication with NPs and PAs”, and two of the day-1 sessions will include the combined audience of both conferences as well as speakers from both areas of interest. This added dimension to the content and increased opportunity for meaningful dialog makes this year’s Rx Samples Management and Logistics Summit an event you simply must attend.