"Quality is Pride in Workmanship"
— W. Edward Deming

J. Knipper and Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality services to the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Our continued progress and growth are dependent upon the satisfaction of our customers.

Implicit in the customer’s satisfaction is the capability of Knipper to provide services with a high degree of fitness for use, reliability in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, as well as the highest degree of quality for the end-user.

Quality-First-LogoAt Knipper, we believe that quality is everyone’s first job. Our “Quality First” philosophy is based on developing and sustaining a culture of quality throughout the organization by inspiring personnel to deliver the highest quality of services and products to both internal and external customers. To achieve excellence in quality, Knipper’s Quality Management System is grounded in the principles of the current Good Manufacturing Practices (“cGMP”) with emphasis on continuous improvement initiatives.

Personnel are nominated by their colleagues and managers and are recognized by leadership for going above and beyond for quality in their job, with an emphasis on those actions that result in improvements to our Quality system and our business processes.

To oversee the health of Knipper’s Quality System, Knipper has developed a Quality Council which is a cross-functional team including management members from the Executive Leadership Team, Quality Assurance, and all key operating groups. The Council meets each month to discuss all aspects of the organization’s quality with an emphasis on analysis and improvement of corporate and department quality metrics. In addition to the internal review of our processes and systems, Knipper regularly undergoes external client and regulatory agency audits. These internal and external assessments ensure Knipper is both meeting and exceeding industry best practices in delivery of services and products to all our customers.