J. Knipper and Company is a family owned business.  At the heart of that type of business, comes a family-centric environment focused on getting to know colleagues like family and a work-life balance giving Contributors the ability to go home and recharge at the end of the day.  We work in an environment that allows our Contributors to build those long lasting, professional relationships with their colleagues as well as with our external clients.  When your daily interactions revolve around such positive values like CHART, it’s hard not to start building those types of bonds.  Our Contributors are nominated through our C.H.A.R.T. Recognition Program for acting and working in a CHART-like manner.  Receiving this distinguished award helps promote and enhance career development and leadership throughout the organization.


Knipper and Company is an eco-friendly organization, contributing to environmental sustainability at all levels of the organization. Through recycling, conserving water, and utilizing alternative energy we empower our Contributors to participate in our companywide environmental sustainability commitment. Each employee receives a re-usable water bottle and coffee mug, as well as, the ability to utilize our glassware, utensils and glass dishes for guests, candidates, and clients.  Our distribution centers have solar panels that support 50% of the energy required to run our operations. As a company we are Growing Greener Every Day.

Due to our family-centric environment, many of the activities planned by the Knipper Activities Committee (KAC) includes the Contributors’ family members.  There are a number of events planned such as Bring Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, Contributor Picnics, and our Annual Holiday/Anniversary Party.  The Committee also plans community events such as fundraisers and internal events such as Get Fit Friday, where Contributors gather together to bond over healthy snacks and good conversation.  The KAC has members from all levels of the organization so hopefully we’ll see you at the next meeting!