Biotech Industry

With more than 5,000 drugs in development today, the United States is the world leader in biopharmaceutical research.

The biotech industry is unique in many respects and the drugs produced have equally unique characteristics when it comes to …

  • Clinical trials distribution
  • Marketing
  • Sampling
  • Patient advocacy
  • Direct fulfillment

Knipper provides such specialized services to all of the Top-10 global Biotech companies.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse and Fulfillment Specialists

Biologics include many injectable or infusible products. Many of these injectable or infusible products are heat sensitive requiring careful temperature control throughout their distribution process. Knipper specializes in the management of temperature controlled products with one of the largest refrigerated warehouse facilities in the region and decades of expertise in temperature controlled packaging and cold-chain distribution.

“Patient-centered” state of the art Contact Center

A growing number of biologics are classified as Specialty Drugs. Many specialty drugs are considered “high touch” requiring more intensive patient care management, often to control side effects and ensure compliance. Such Patient-Centered Care (PCC) includes more frequent and more personal connections. PCC is defined as “care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values. In response to this growing need, Knipper provides a state of the art, Patient-centered, Contact Center specializing in high touch patient assistance, adherence, and advocacy services.