Pharmaceutical Industry

It is widely held that Sampling accounts for greater than 50% of the pharmaceutical industries total marketing spend.

This makes choosing the right sample services provider a critical decision and a key success factor for every brand. With nearly three decades of experience, and providing the most comprehensive “single source” of samples management services in the U.S. today, Knipper partners with over 100 life science companies including 18 of the Top-20 U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

Experience covering the full product lifecycle

Our engagements start with a consultative needs assessment. Utilizing our collective knowledge and experience spanning nearly 30 years, we are able to develop innovative turn-key solutions designed to reach and exceed customer’s expectations. Knipper creates solutions for brands no matter what stage of the product lifecycle, designed to fit existing budgets, and to maximize results.

We help our customers

  • Launch new products
  • Educate & influence providers and patients
  • Expand reach and increase targets
  • Increase or defend market share
  • Cover vacant territories and white space
  • Maximize sample allocation budgets
  • Maintain PDMA Sample Accountability
  • Manage recalls and support REMS programs