Knipper Sample Management Solutions

You are a very busy professional with extraordinary responsibility, limited time, and a finite budget.

What would simplify your life is a service partner that could manage all of your product sampling needs. One contract, one point of contact, one source for direct marketing, order processing, fulfillmentcompliance, data management and patient advocacy. Some would call that unachievable. Others would call it Zen. At Knipper, we call it “The Art of Samplicity”. And it’s what we provide to so many Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device professionals just like you.

Over the past 30 years J. Knipper and Company has grown and developed into the nation’s most complete samples management services provider. Today we provide brands with everything from early stage pre-launch consultation to assistance with market retention strategies as their brand eventually reaches the late stages of its life-cycle.

We provide all of the samples management services that your brand and your sales force need to meet and exceed their goals and expectations. Services such as:

Our customers, comprised of over 100 life science companies, enjoy access to the combined knowledge of the industry’s largest and most experienced samples management workforce. Our ability to provide key insight into best practice and operational efficiencies is unparalleled in the sampling vertical. And our ability to extend this vertical authority to customers like you, is your best reason to call us today.

So pick up the phone and dial 1-888-KNIPPER – And let us show you “The Art of Samplicity”.