A suite of solutions specifically developed to optimize and extend the life cycle of each brand. Targeted and effective quality solutions that support the continued growth of your brand from early stages of introduction through end of patent.

Knipper ConnectSM solutions are designed with a “Customer First” focus to quickly and effectively “Connect” healthcare providers, patients, and sales representatives with the information and services they need to promote patient health and support the growth of your brands. Each Knipper ConnectSM solution includes full integration capability with Knipper’s AssureHCP® healthcare provider data services, print and direct mail, and sample management services, providing unparalleled program scalability and maximizing opportunities for increased cost efficiency.


Expanding and Maintaining Market Share

HCP Connect is Knipper’s Contact Center solution to expanding and maintaining market share in uncovered or under-covered territories. HCP Connect provides everything from simple awareness to full service education, product & literature ordering, and relationship management in lieu of or complimenting a field sales force. Every HCP Connect program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, your brand and your targeted healthcare providers.

  • Awareness & Education
  • Detailing & Sampling
  • Compliance Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Inbound and Outbound
  • White Space/Vacant Territory
  • Gray Space – Tandem Support
  • Green Space – Expanding Market

Whether you choose a shared resource model or a dedicated team of Tele-Reps, HCP Connect will ensure the best possible experience for your brands and their customers.


Mature Product and End of Patent Support

ReConnect is Knipper’s Contact Center solution for maximizing market share of mature brands and brands nearing the end of their patent. Your sales force is finite, and as new brands launch they crowd out more mature brands that lose their share of voice. Often they are pushed out of the bag completely and their budgets are reduced considerably. ReConnect helps you ensure continued brand exposure and access to samples, savings programs, and product literature. ReConnect helps retain valuable market share and provides continued ROI throughout the product lifecycle!

  • Customer Service
  • Tele-Sampling
  • Co-Pay Card Pull-Through
  • Formulary Announcements
  • Mature Brands – Out of the bag
  • Patent Exp. – Market Retention
  • New Indication – Market Growth

A white glove outsource solution to alleviate the pressure on marketing and field sales operations as new products compete against mature brands. A targeted and effective quality solution that supports the continued growth of your brand.


Fully Integrated Added Value Services

TotalConnect is a holistic communication service which recognizes the critical connections among all stakeholders within your brand’s circle of influence. These stakeholders which include Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Patients represent an interdependent web of support for brand adoption. Any gaps in essential information, consistent communication, or required support across this essential care continuum diminishes brand equity and costs you market share. TotalConnect combines Knipper’s robust healthcare data resources, high quality print & personalization, and industry leading direct fulfillment services with the critical Contact Center components necessary to build true brand loyalty, increase script writing, and minimize switching at the pharmacy.

  • Toll Free Customer Service
  • OB Education & Awareness
  • Product & Literature Ordering
  • Pharmacy Stocking
  • Target Data Enhancement
  • Print & Direct Mail
  • Kit Design and Production