Patient Services

The Situation …

More than ever before, patients have become advocates for their own healthcare and are directly influencing their treatment decisions.

As a product of this growing empowerment, patients expect services that go beyond the drug therapy itself. They advocate and adopt brands that provide services which complement the product and facilitate better overall health outcomes. They want product information, financial assistance, appointment reminders, alerting and adherence support. And the brands who service them the best are sowing the seeds of loyalty and ensuring their growth in the market.

Critical Challenges …

  • Healthcare has become more consumer-driven and patients have greater access to information and decision-making tools, but they want that access to be more specific to their unique health needs and economic situations.
  • Manufacturers are suffering from a lack of established processes that enable a solid understanding of the nonclinical factors driving loyalty and creating true value for patients.
  • Many pharma companies do not have proper mechanisms to capture and address patient’s needs and concerns “uniquely” and respond in a “tailored” fashion.
  • Finding a true service partner that provides complete support through multi-channel communications which result in personalized support for patients throughout their brand journey.

Knipper Solution …

Knipper’s Patient Services help companies and their brands cultivate and nurture patient relationships and increase brand loyalty through innovative programs and leading technologies which help them …

From our state of the art multi-channel contact center to our print services, online tools, and high volume pharmaceutical fulfillment capabilities, Knipper has everything you need to facilitate the education, awareness, and assistance that patients are demanding. Click here to receive more information on our Patient Services.

For nearly 30 years the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries have been entrusting their direct marketing, outreach, and engagement success to J. Knipper and Company, Inc. – the largest supplier of samples management services in the U.S, today.

Featured Services …

  • PAP Patient Qualification
  • PAP Product Fulfillment
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Alternative Sampling
  • Patient Safety Communication
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Market Research/Surveys
  • Compliance and Persistency
  • Recruitment & Registration
  • Adverse Event Recording
  • General Customer Service Support
  • Product Complaint Recording
  • Formulary Support
  • Referrals