Audit and Inventory Management Services

Knipper’s PDMA Audit and Inventory Management Services are fully integrated with our Sample Accountability solutions, sales support systems, and reporting services. This integration means you save time and effort in managing your end-to-end sample management process. There are no handoffs to manage, no juggling multiple contacts, and a single point of responsibility you already know and trust: J. Knipper and Company.

Highly Qualified Team of Inventory Specialists

Knipper’s nationwide network of over 500 Inventory Specialists have performed field audits since 2006. All Specialists are trained annually in PDMA, HIPAA, Auditing Best Practices and Ethics. The vast majority of our Inventory Specialists are former pharmaceutical sales representatives with extensive experience in representative concerns, industry procedure, independent work and effective communications. This nationwide network successfully executes thousands of field audit inspections annually.

Comprehensive Audit and Inventory Management Services Include:

  • Paperless Physical Inventory Audits
    Scheduled annually or for-cause on customer request
  • Field Closeouts
    Comprehensive management of property, final audit and provision of closeout data
  • Storage Unit Inspections
    Rigorous audit guidelines applied to ensure compliance

AIMS (Audit and Inventory Management System)

Knipper’s AIMS (Audit and Inventory Management System) is a web-based portal allowing real-time scheduling of paperless field audits, inventories, on-site inspections and representative closeouts in addition to providing reporting on completion and schedule changes.

AIMS provides dashboards with clear visual overviews of the status of a given effort, such as random inventories for an enterprise or brand. Navigation is simple and intuitive.

Benefits of AIMS

  • Enhanced PDMA Compliance Leveraging SA Foundation
  • Reconciliation Efficiencies
  • Easy To Use System
  • Client Access To Real-Time Reporting

MyAIMS Mobile

Annual inventories are now paperless at Knipper! The easy to use, intuitive paperless inventory process in AIMS provides a fully validated paperless inventory system, which is quicker and more efficient not only for the Inventory Specialist but for the sales reps too. Sales Reps stay in the field longer and get back to the field quicker.


Featured Services…

  • Annual Audits
  • Inspections
  • Asset Recovery
  • For-Cause Audits
  • Transfers
  • Storage Facility Pre-Inspections
  • Paperless Processing
  • Non-Pharmaceutical Inventory Services