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Knipper Names New President

Dec 11, 2012

LAKEWOOD, NJ — December 11, 2012 — Recently J. Knipper and Co. celebrated its 25th anniversary of providing a variety of marketing support services to the Healthcare Industry. During that time, the company has shown a great deal of growth, borne on the shoulders of all who have worked there over that time. It was those employees as well as the current team that allows the company to continue year-over-year leadership in the industry.

“When my father and I started the company in 1987 we knew that one of the key success factors would be to strive always to hire the best of the best. Overall, I think we have done very well in this area as attested by our annual growth and reputation in the industry.” stated Jim Knipper, co-Founder and CEO of J. Knipper and Co.

Back in 2008, Knipper began a recruitment search to renew its Sales and Marketing leadership. At the same time, Jim Knipper was contacted by a former client who had an interest in joining their team. With background at J&J in Sales, Market Research, Managed Care Marketing, New Product and Business Development and Product Marketing…as well as winner of the J&J Achievement Award in 2005 and named the top Sales Person for two years…and after leaving a successful run at Barrier as VP of Marketing, Commercial Planning and then Sales…and after a series of interviews, it was clear that Mike Laferrera was the right person to join the Knipper Leadership Team.

“Over the past four years Mike has continued to provide incredible leadership to Knipper that has been an invaluable catalyst for our growth and success.” says Jim Knipper. The company is poised for another year of great growth, and prepares to face the continuing challenges within the industry. Today, Jim Knipper proudly announced that Mike Laferrera will assume the role of President and Chief Operating Officer, effective January 1, 2013. As President, he will lead the company in its commitment to continuing as a leader in the healthcare industry through growth organically and through acquisitions. Asked on his thoughts of focus to drive the growth, Mike Laferrera replied, “through a variety of strategies but mostly by staying true to the heritage of the company Jim and his father founded… keeping our commitment to our clients, ourselves and to do all of this using our company value principles of CHART as our foundation.” CHART is an acronym for Caring, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, and Trust.

Mike will continue to report to Jim Knipper who will continue to head the organization as Chief Executive Officer, focusing more of his time on a number of growth initiatives. The company’s executive team will now report directly to Mike in his role as President.