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Samplicity Integrated Samples Management Platform

Samplicity - Sample Management Products & Services - Knipper
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For practitioners, for patients, for you. For life.

Samplicity is our one-of-a-kind name for our one-of-a-kind suite of products, services and support, created to solve all of your sampling challenges. With Samplicity’s “one resource, one team, one point-of-contact approach,” it’s never been easier to achieve sampling success and peace of mind – for practitioners, for patients, for you… for life.


the only fully-integrated samples management platform

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An E-sampling portal for practitioners to request product samples, support materials and literature.

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An intuitive business rule-based sales representative portal for ordering of samples and product literature.
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Integrated patient portal whereby consumers can order OTC medications directly from the manufacturer.
Direct to Patient (DTPt)
An integrated platform for Hospitals that don’t dispense PDMA regulated samples to enroll and request Free Trial product.
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A built-in, rock-solid sample accountability module for ensuring compliance with PDMA guidelines.

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An onboard reporting dashboard providing real-time access to your sample related data in an easy-to-use interface.

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Integration with Knipper Health’s Contact Center that performs practitioner and sales rep outreach.


More than over 35 years of experience has taught us to view everything from a client-centric perspective. And that’s the thinking behind Samplicity’s spectrum of services and products. From day one, our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your strategic goals and objectives, developing a tailored program that satisfies your needs – as well as those of all your stakeholders.

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Configured to serve your precise set of needs, Samplicity offers one-of-a-kind:

  • Sample Program Consultation
  • Secondary Packaging Development and Production
  • Direct Marketing & Contact Center Services
  • Target Data Management and Practitioner  Validation

  • Business Rules Development and Order Processing

  • PDMA Sample Accountability

  • Field Audits & Inventory

  • Patient Advocacy & PAP

  • An Easy-to-Use, Intuitive, All-in-One Dashboard for Total Data Access

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What makes Samplicity unique is how we have leveraged more than 35 years of experience to become the leader in sample management services. Over 100 leading pharma, life sciences and medical device companies have trusted Samplicity people and services as dedicated, responsive and trusted partners. Our support and services span from early-stage pre-launch consultation to market retention strategies for brands approaching the end of their lifecycles – and every stage in between.

When partnership is vital to your success, look to Samplicity to help you achieve – and exceed – all your sampling goals.

Today. Tomorrow. For life.

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