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Advanced Data and Analytics


Samplicity Advanced Data and Analytics assists companies and brands by optimizing salesforce and marketing opportunities while dramatically reducing risk associated with sampling non-compliance. Entry via the onboard reporting dashboard provides real-time availability of sample related data in an easy-to-use interface.

Samplicity Advanced Data and Analytics provides access to actionable state and federal sanctions records, which can be essential to maintaining regulatory compliance with manufacturer and brand sampling policies. It also supplies proactive compliance measures which can provide advanced notice to mitigate potential issues before they become problems.

Finally, the data and insights generated by the informational architecture of this proprietary technology platform enables manufacturers to gain unique knowledge and perspectives that drive sample management program success.

Samplicity Data and Analytics Services…

  • Are built on the Domo® business management platform
  • Are able to perform analytics at the click of a button
  • Feature the ability to review trends of sampling data
  • Are able to answer questions that you didn’t even know to ask
  • Are able to look at your data from different viewpoints and perspectives

Our advanced technology dramatically increases ability to ensure compliance with your sampling program Learn how.

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