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SAMPLICITY | Sample Accountability


The Sample Accountability solutions of Samplicity feature built-in, rock-solid sample accountability resources and a module for ensuring compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) guidelines.

These automated technology capabilities incorporate practitioner validation services which verifies licenses and the eligibility to receive samples. As a PDMA Alliance Platinum Sponsor, Samplicity provides full data collection, storage and reporting, enabling clients to maintain full regulatory compliance.

Samplicity Sample Accountability Services Include:

  • Recognized as the Industry Gold Standard of Service
  • 360° View of all Sampling activity
  • PDMA Regulatory Compliant
    • Signature Verification Programs
    • Integrated Storage and Shipping Solutions
  • Fully Compliant with PDMA Requirements
    • PDMA Alliance Platinum Sponsor
  • Fully integrated with leading CRM platforms
    • Veeva Preferred Partner

NEW: SamplicitySA (Sample Accountability)
The Next Generation of Sample Management

SamplicitySA is an enhancement to our overall Sample Accountability Inventory Management System. Building upon the success of SIMS 1.0, and with its many advancements, the SamplicitySA enhanced Sample Inventory Management System, creates greater operational efficiencies and provides a simplified and more intuitive user experience. Its user-friendly environment and easy data access keep users more informed, accountable, and compliant than ever before.

As a one-of-a-kind suite of products, services, and support, Samplicity provides unmatched accountability, transparency, and analysis while satisfying a full-range of sampling program requirements. With its “one resource, one team, one point-of-contact approach,” it’s never been simpler or easier to achieve sampling success and peace of mind – for manufacturers, practitioners, and patients.

Unique features of SamplicitySA include:

  • Featuring Simplified navigation the SamplicySA Dashboard provides faster, more complete visibility and transparency across the entire Sample Accountability program providing deeper analysis and evaluation of the overall samples program.
  • A Compliance Scorecard that collects and reports on a full-range of information in key, compliance-driven areas
  • Highly configurable capabilities that generate data sets collected on regional, district, and specific sales representative levels.
  • Review of the timeliness of shipment acknowledgements, signature audit responses, reconciliation items, theft/losses in the field, delayed inventory submissions and more.
  • Available Compliance Scorecard charts show and track metric trends over time.
  • SamplicitySA’s graphical presentation of data and its modern user interface (UI) delivers a highly intuitive look and feel that enhances and dramatically simplifies navigation.

Samplicity helps clients achieve their goals more economically and with fewer resources.

SamplicitySA is an integral component of Samplicity, our fully-integrated samples management platform.

Only SamplicitySA offers the next generation of sampling success and regulatory compliance. Find out why.

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