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Direct to Hospital (DTH)

Direct to Patient (DTPt)


The Knipper Health Direct to Hospital (DTH) services and technology advancements of the SamplicityTM platform enable hospitals that do not dispense PDMA-regulated samples, to request and receive free trial trade product for in-patient therapy in a simplified easy to use process. Samplicity’s unique DTH services are delivered through a portal featuring paperless processing for in-patient hospital pharmacies or certified pharmacies supplying services to in-patient hospitals.

Samplicity DTH Services Include:

  • Simple online enrollment in the program including annual re-enrollment functionality
  • An online request portal with shopping cart and paperless process
  • Manufacturer enabled configuration for annual order limits on Free Trial Units that a hospital and its associated prescribers may order.
  • Manufacturer enabled configuration for order frequency and quantity limits per order
  • Easily accessible support through a simply click or phone number to our Contact Center Help Desk to support pharmacists in the enrollment and ordering process.
  • Ensured compliance with current FDA and state regulations

A Hospital pharmacy’s ability to provide Free Trial product for in-patient use is now easier and more compliant. Request a demonstration of Knipper Health’s DTH advanced technology.

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