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Knipper Health Contact Center


Service and Sales Solutions that deliver actionable results extending your reach, engaging your customers.

The Knipper Health Contact Center provides a broad array of services and sales solutions designed to meet your business needs throughout the entire value chain from product launch to product delivery. We are built on a foundation of regulatory and compliance for the single industry we support – Life Sciences, ensuring we deliver with quality.

Our innovative and flexible solutions are tailored to fit your brand’s needs and deliver results. Our suite of engagement solutions improves the customer experience at every touchpoint, resulting in sales growth and advocacy for your brand.

Our mission in creating the shortest path to therapy is achieved through strategically designed programs that are faithfully executed and driven by market insight and data to ensure maximum return on our clients’ investment.

Our end-to-end solutions provide a consolidated approach to the management and execution of your programs, resulting in proactive feedback and actionable data in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Knipper Health creates a consistent customer experience that drives brand awareness, support and adoption.

Our Solutions are designed to support all your constituents, including HCPs, Patients, Consumers, Caregivers, Pharmacists and Field Reps through the channel of their choice.

Knipper Health brings more than strong capabilities, we bring the business knowledge and experience to employ a consultative approach to design solutions that optimize outcomes.

HCP Connect

Expanding and Maintaining Market Share

HCP Connect is Knipper Health’s Contact Center solution to expanding and maintaining market share in uncovered or under-covered territories. HCP Connect provides everything from simple awareness to full-service education, product & literature ordering, and relationship management in lieu of or complimenting a field sales force. Every HCP Connect program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, your brand and your targeted healthcare providers.

  • Awareness & Education
  • Detailing & Sampling
  • Compliance Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Inbound and Outbound
  • White Space/Vacant Territory
  • Gray Space – Tandem Support
  • Green Space – Expanding Market

Whether you choose a shared resource model or a dedicated team of Tele-Reps, HCP Connect will ensure the best possible experience for your brands and their customers.


Mature Product and End-of-Patent Support

ReConnect is Knipper Health’s Contact Center solution for maximizing market share of mature brands and brands nearing the end of their patent. Your sales force is finite, and as new brands launch, they crowd out more mature brands that lose their share of voice. Often, they are pushed out of the bag completely and their budgets are reduced considerably. ReConnect helps you ensure continued brand exposure and access to samples, savings programs, and product literature. ReConnect helps retain valuable market share and provides continued ROI throughout the product lifecycle!

  • Customer Service
  • Tele-Sampling
  • Co-Pay Card Pull-Through
  • Formulary Announcements
  • Mature Brands – Out of the Bag
  • Patent Expiration – Market Retention
  • New Indication – Market Growth

Your outsource solution to alleviate the pressure on marketing and field sales operations as new products compete against mature brands. A targeted and effective quality solution that supports the continued growth of your brand.

Inside Sales

Flexible solutions to reach your key targets.
Providing strategic insights based on our history.
Extending Reach and Frequency through Key Target Engagement.

As a leader in healthcare marketing, we leverage our knowledge, expertise, and people, to build integrated and tailored solutions to extend reach and drive sales.

We are results-driven and provide value-added insights for optimization and growth.

Our Inside Sales solutions help extend Reach, Engage Customers & Drive Growth.

Alternative selling channel designed to augment client promotional initiatives and deliver impact.

Our deployment models are designed to:

  • Increase share of voice
  • Engage with uncovered or underserved targets
  • Generate awareness
  • Educate targets
  • Gain access to policy restricted/no sees
  • Supplement Field efforts
  • Provide service and support to offices

Helping companies adopt and evolve supplemental selling models:

  • Provide quality Interactions that support repeat engagement
  • Capitalize upon technology to enhance the customer experience
  • Utilize alternative channels to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Provide customer service blended with product promotion
  • Increase sales productivity and enhance customer satisfaction

Our deployment models focus on identifying uncovered or underserved targets, including:

  • Pre-field Support
  • Reduction/Loss of Sales Force
  • Geographically Remote
  • Loss of exclusivity
  • Position
  • Mature Brands
  • Policy Restricted
  • Grey Space
  • Loss of Field Support

Proven performance across the spectrum of deployment models:

  • Reach key targets and execute brand defined sales strategies
  • Deploy full office detail approach
  • Leverage an omni-channel communication strategy using existing brand assets
  • Support lifecycle phases and changing brand needs
  • Drive market share

Operations Excellence

The Operations Team will oversee the day-to-day activities as well as analyze trends for the program to ensure quality interactions and overall delivery of the service.

Data drives performance management to ensure and improve both individual and overall program productivity and quality

Technology – Inside Sales

Our innovative suite of integrated technology solutions makes configuration and set up easy.

Cloud-based system designed to support physician communication and sales programs and easily integrate with other platforms.

We deploy an iterative process for optimizing performance.

Providing operational foundation designed to empower performance through data.

Video Detailing

Virtual engagements leveraging video technology to deliver more impactful, longer conversations that emphasize key points enhance details.