Medical Device

The medical device industry is one of the largest industries in global healthcare, driven by innovation and new technologies.

The US medical device industry is the leader with sales approaching $150 billion and over 7,000 companies. In this highly competitive market with ever increasing regulation, Knipper offers medical devices companies a host of services including non-personal promotion, field sales distribution & field inventory management, kitting, direct fulfillment and product recall programs.

Regulatory Experts in an Industry of Growing Regulations

In recent years there have been many high-profile recalls, while current regulations tighten and new regulations are added. FDA audits have increased and the number of warning letters have risen by nearly 25 percent in the past two years. Knipper’s AssureHCP™ prescriber matching and validation service ensures that all Knipper activities are tracked to the unique HCP for accurate sunshine reporting and efficient program management. Leveraging Knipper’s Multi-channel Contact Center, Professional Services Organization and Returns Specialists – product recalls are handled quickly and efficiently with comprehensive and accurate reporting provided at pre-defined intervals throughout these critical projects.

Multi-Channel Contact Center and Patient Advocacy Unit

As power shifts to payers and providers, evidence-based decisions and funding channels become increasingly challenging. Payers and providers are evaluating medical devices based on safety and procedural efficacy as well as cost and value. There is an increasing need to maintain higher levels of communication with both healthcare providers and patients throughout the product experience. Knipper’s advanced Contact Center provides services including HCP detailing, HCP support, patient support, HCP and patient surveys, as well as adverse events handling and Patient Assistance Program (PAP) management.