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Automated Pick-and-Pack


Advanced E-Commerce Solutions for Accuracy and Speed

Knipper Health’s extensive e-commerce solutions are supported by a variety of operational advancements and technology innovations that tailor a spectrum of services to meet the specific needs of manufacturers. These automated solutions are significantly more economical than traditional hand Pick-and-Pack services. Automated Pick-and-Pack capabilities support our Samplicity sample management platform as well as Direct To Patient (DTPt) programs that include:

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications
  • Vision care products and contact lenses
  • And many more programs, contact a Knipper Health Rep for more information.
  • CPAP supplies

Perfect Pick® 

An ideal example of Knipper Health’s smarter solutions is our use of the Perfect Pick. This robotic goods-to-person picking technology is engineered to simplify order fulfillment automation with increased throughput, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Perfect Pick solution, unlike others, is a self-contained, standalone point solution. Comprised of modular, high-density racking along with a fleet of autonomous robotic delivery vehicles, iBOTs®, it eliminates the need for complex conveyor systems or transfer equipment, such as elevators or lifts, to ensure full resource optimization and operational efficiency.


Pick-To-Light is an automated order picking system specifically designed for use with virtually any number of physical structures within a warehouse environment. Its targeted series of lights directs the precise manual selection of items for shipping, increasing capacity throughput and enhancing picking accuracy.


LDU is an automated prescription fulfillment platform that performs fast, efficient, and accurate end-to-end order fulfillment functions.