Careers with Knipper

At Knipper, our most valuable resource is our people. With experienced leadership from across the life science industries and a diverse workforce possessing a myriad of skill sets and expertise, our employees are what differentiate us most from our competition. It takes special people to so firmly adopt and continuously demonstrate the type of customer-centric culture that is the hallmark of all Knipper solutions. Committed – driven – intelligent people that can listen effectively, ask the right questions, build the right teams, and develop the best tools and processes to deliver success every time.

We are committed to our employee’s success. We believe in building a solid working relationship with each of our employees that is founded in mutual trust and caring. We want every Knipper employee to be successful in their career, to learn and grow, and to be well compensated for their efforts.

Working Here

J. Knipper and Company has influenced and led the sample management business for over 30 years.  Since our founding, our focus has remained on the value we create through relationships.  Those values start and end with the Contributors we hire … Read More

Who We Are

Have you ever interviewed for a position that was a perfect match for your skillset but you were unsure of what the company was responsible for because you worked in a different industry?  We want to lay it all out for you in an easy to follow snapshot so that you can embrace the dreaded question – ‘Why do you want to work here?’ … Read More

How We Hire

How many times have you applied for a position or completed a telephone interview without knowing what the next steps will be moving forward?  Our guess is often.  Here at Knipper we want to take the questions off of your mind by being upfront about what the process looks like and what you can expect from us throughout the process.  Please always feel free to stay engaged with your recruiter throughout the interview and hiring process … Read More


Compensation is no longer the only factor that people consider when accepting a new position.  Benefits, both in terms of health coverage and other benefits, play a large part of the decision making process.  Here at Knipper we offer a variety of additional benefits beyond just healthcare, life insurance, and retirement plans … Read More