Who We Are

What Do We Do?

Have you ever been to a doctor and received a pharmaceutical sample instead of a prescription?  If so, you may have received a sample that moved through one of our facilities.  J. Knipper and Company is the nation’s leader in Sample Management.

Our clients are pharmaceutical companies; we handle the sample management segment of their business so that they do not have to dedicate people-resources towards it.  This segment could include everything from quality and compliance, sample warehousing and distribution, auditing and reconciliation for FDA reporting, IT, and strategy development.  Each client has a customized program that is built specifically to meet their needs.

What types of positions do we offer?

Some of the titles of our departments and positions are unique to our industry so let’s break down their area of focus to simplify it.

Sample Accountability

  • Compliance support for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Auditing/Reconciliation of pharmaceutical sample inventories

Professional Services

  • Program Management
  • Client Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy Development


  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Returns
  • Kitting and Repackaging

Contact Center

  • Tele-Detailing
  • Patient Assistance Programs

Commercial Development

  • Business Development and Sales

Growth Services

  • Print Production
  • AssureHCP (Practitioner License Validation)
  • AIMS (Audits and Inventory Management)

Shared Services

  • Overall support of our core departments by Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Information Technology, Project Management, Compliance (Quality/Regulatory), Finance, etc.