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Who We Are


Founded in 1986, Knipper Health has been dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries with a focus on Sample Management and Marketing, Custom Pharmacy Solutions and 3PL Third Party logistics services. Knipper Health has become the single source-provider of sample management services for many small, medium, and large pharmaceutical customers. 

KnippeRx, Knipper Health’s custom pharmacy division is a highly nimble, independent specialty pharmacy that serves both commercial and non-commercial needs of pharmaceutical companies. KnippeRx helps overcome the complex barriers to patient access. KnippeRx is a patient-centric pharmacy that leverages ongoing patient education, innovative technology, and one-on-one patient assistance to serve manufacturers, patients, providers, and payers.

Knipper 3PL, Knipper Health’s Third Party Logistics division, built with highly automated systems and innovative technology, provides clients with distribution and logistics services for their products, support product commercialization, advanced data analytics, and a full offering of financial services to assist our clients in the commercialization of their products.


Some of the titles of our departments and positions are unique to our industry so let’s break down their area of focus to simplify it.

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Client Services

  • Program Management
  • Client Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy Development
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance

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  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Returns
  • Kitting and Repackaging
  • Pharmacy Operations

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Contact Center

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Patient care representatives
  • Patient support

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Commercial Development

  • Business Development and Sales

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Growth Services

  • Print Production
  • AssureHCP (Practitioner License Validation)
  • AIMS (Audits and Inventory Management)

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Shared Services

  • Overall support of our core departments by Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Information Technology, Project Management, Compliance (Quality/Regulatory), Finance, etc.


“I started at Knipper Health in 1995 as a Network Administrator. Throughout the years I have been able to witness and participate in many facets of Knipper Health’s ascension to the largest provider of sample management services. Change is constant; from the sale of the company to McKesson, to the divestiture back to Jim Knipper, and throughout the numerous acquisitions there has never been a lack of opportunity for growth as evidenced by my current role as Senior Vice President.

What does not change is the most important which are the values and principles instilled into the company by Jim and his father Joe from inception. Today, these values are represented in our CHART principles and provide a foundation for our actions.

As we continue to evolve and embark on our next chapter it is still exciting to be part of a team that is focused on delivering value to our customers, community, company, and contributors.”

– David Merkel, Senior Vice President


“I joined Knipper Health in 1992 for a short-term, temporary project; twenty-five years later I am still here.  I began as a line assembly worker and over time was able to utilize my skillsets in other departments and positions.  I was able to learn and grow into my current position as Sr. Manager of Operations.

The work we do here is not only important to the success of the pharmaceutical companies we service but to the health of patients as well.  My time here at Knipper Health and the work we perform has been challenging and satisfying.”

– Carol Chifulio, Senior Operations Manager


“I had the good fortune of meeting a man by the name of Joseph Knipper Health over 20 years ago.  Joe was an amazing man and I was impressed by the respect that he had for his employees.  Joe knew everyone by their first name, and he would walk out onto the production floor and give a big hello to anyone who crossed his path.  Over the years, Knipper Health has grown and continues to add employees to our team, but in my opinion, we never forgot our roots or what brought us to where we are now – it still feels like the old days.  I have always been proud to work for this organization and grateful for what I have learned, and the growth opportunities and career goals that Knipper Health has helped me to achieve.”

– Linda Gallagher, Vice President, Pricing and Business Solutions