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How We Hire


Q. How long will the interview or hiring process take?

A. The timing will vary based on the number of candidates and interviews scheduled. To help reduce the time for interviewing and hiring, the best things you can do are to:

  • Fully complete our on-line application with your recent employers (last 7 yrs) and education.
  • Be prepared for our background screening process by having the names and dates of employment for your recent employers. Plan to take the drug screen (within 3 days of offer). When former employers are no longer in business, have W2s available for verification.

Q.What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

A.Do your research. Review our website. Assess why you want to work here. Determine how your skillsets relate for the position/company. Prepare questions for the interview team. Dress to impress. Remember that non-verbal communication often says more than verbal communication. Be engaged. Be on time. Additionally, for video interviews: Check your technology effectiveness for internet connectivity. Ensure you have a quiet place for the conversation.

Q. Does Knipper Health require Covid-19 vaccinations of contributors?

A.At this time, Knipper Health does NOT require that our contributors be vaccinated for Covid-19, or other viruses. However, as a company immersed in the health care world, we do encourage our contributors to become fully vaccinated, and periodically, we may request verification of vaccination status. For the health and safety of our contributors, and for the continuity of our service to clients and patients, we do have established protocol and expectations for addressing Covid-19.

Q.If I was hired and working on-site, would I have to wear a mask/face covering daily?

A.Currently we do not require the use of a mask/face covering. However, if by choice a contributor prefers to wear one, that option is available and respected.


Unfortunately, there are many scams occurring that are mimicking companies’ career opportunities with the intention of leading unsuspecting potential candidates to be directed to apply for positions that are NOT legitimate. These are scams. PLEASE do not engage with these criminals even though they often appear to be from legitimate Knipper Health contributors, and interesting positions. To reduce your risk of being subject to such scams, it is best to know and understand Knipper Health’s talent acquisition process as outlined below. The best practice is to only apply to roles that are visible on our company website. Knipper Health never makes a job offer without a phone interview, in-person interview or Teams video interview.


Knipper Health is committed to acquiring top talent and providing an outstanding experience for all candidates.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and as such, have high standards for our contributors. If you have interviewed with us via phone/video or in-person, and are offered a position with Knipper Health, you’ll be expected to complete our thorough background screening, which includes:

  • Eligibility to work in the US (completion of I-9 and E-Verify)
  • Verification of your education (contact will be made directly to the institution of your highest education level completed)
  • 7 year criminal background history (federal and state criminal searches conducted)
  • Verification of your employment for the last 7 years (former employers will be contacted for dates of employment)
  • Pre-employment drug screen for illegal drug use (screening will be required to be completed at a test site within 3 days of offer)
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If our CHART values resonate with you, if you are dedicated to working for a company that provides meaningful services, and if you bring Passion, Action and Focus to all that you do…then please click Apply Here and be connected to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We’d like to think that you’ll find an interesting career opportunity that matches your skillset and goals.

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Our professional Talent Acquisition team will review the resumes received for each open position. If your background and qualifications are a match for an open role, there will always be at least one, if not more, interview. The team will reach out to you via email or text to schedule a telephone, in-person or Teams Video interview.

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We always conduct a live interview with candidates being considered.

Typically the first person you’ll speak with is a member of our HR team. Be sure to complete our application in advance of the meeting. Prepare to answer questions regarding your past experiences and how they may relate to the position for which you are interviewing. We will contact you if you have been selected for the next level interview.

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After the interviews are complete, the interview team will debrief and decide on the candidate best suited for the role.

At the time you accept our offer and authorize the start of a background screening, our third-party screening vendor will contact you. Should you anticipate any issues with fulfilling these pre-employment requirements, please prepare in advance by having valid documentation to complete the verification. Delays in accessing the above verifications or acceptable substitutions, will likely cause a delay in our ability to have you start. All offers are contingent upon a successful completion of our screening. We thank you in advance for your preparation.


We look forward to calling you a Knipper Health contributor, and together, helping to create the shortest path between patient and therapy! Before your first day, you’ll receive an email with details of your first day, such as, the date, start time, who to ask for, and how to set up for Knipper Orientation.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Knipper Health is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We embed our CHART (Caring, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Trust) values in all we do so that they are an integral part of our culture. Not only do we celebrate our differences, including race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability and Veteran status – but we also recognize that the diversity of our collective backgrounds and thoughts and experiences has always been what makes us a strong company. We are committed to an inclusive environment where you can be authentic, bring your best self to work, collaborate and innovate with your colleagues, and where you can positively contribute each day to our mission –  “to create the shortest path between patient and therapy”. We foster an environment enabling personal growth and professional development and we strive to provide opportunities to challenge you and unlock your potential to enjoy a long, successful career within the Knipper Health team.


“I started at Knipper Health in 1995 as a Network Administrator. Throughout the years I have been able to witness and participate in many facets of Knipper Health’s ascension to the largest provider of sample management services. Change is constant; from the sale of the company to McKesson, to the divestiture back to Jim Knipper, and throughout the numerous acquisitions there has never been a lack of opportunity for growth as evidenced by my current role as Senior Vice President.

What does not change is the most important which are the values and principles instilled into the company by Jim and his father Joe from inception. Today, these values are represented in our CHART principles and provide a foundation for our actions.

As we continue to evolve and embark on our next chapter it is still exciting to be part of a team that is focused on delivering value to our customers, community, company, and contributors.”

– David Merkel, Senior Vice President


“I joined Knipper Health in 1992 for a short-term, temporary project; twenty-five years later I am still here.  I began as a line assembly worker and over time was able to utilize my skillsets in other departments and positions.  I was able to learn and grow into my current position as Sr. Manager of Operations.

The work we do here is not only important to the success of the pharmaceutical companies we service but to the health of patients as well.  My time here at Knipper Health and the work we perform has been challenging and satisfying.”

– Carol Chifulio, Senior Operations Manager


“I had the good fortune of meeting a man by the name of Joseph Knipper over 20 years ago.  Joe was an amazing man and I was impressed by the respect that he had for his employees.  Joe knew everyone by their first name, and he would walk out onto the production floor and give a big hello to anyone who crossed his path.  Over the years, Knipper Health has grown and continues to add employees to our team, but in my opinion, we never forgot our roots or what brought us to where we are now – it still feels like the old days.  I have always been proud to work for this organization and grateful for what I have learned, and the growth opportunities and career goals that Knipper Health has helped me to achieve.”

– Linda Gallagher, Vice President, Pricing and Business Solutions