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Knipper Health offers a welcoming and enjoyable working environment where everyone is working toward our singular mission… to create the shortest path from patient to therapy. We are driven by our desire to be patient and customer-centric.

And here, we call our team members, “contributors”, because we’re all contributing to the same goal of improving the lives and health of patients. From the pick/pack operator that fills the box to ship out, to the patient advocate that takes patient calls, to the pharmacy team that processes a patient prescription, to the executives meeting with the clients to work through strategy development, to the facilities staff that keeps everything safe and orderly, everyone is valued and appreciated for their contributions to the success of Knipper Health.

We embed our CHART (Caring, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Trust) values in all we do so that they are an integral part of our culture. Not only do we celebrate our differences, but we also recognize that the diversity of our collective backgrounds and thoughts and experiences has always been what makes us a strong company; a leader. We all want to be seen and accepted for who we are and we are committed to an inclusive environment where you can be authentic, bring your best self to work, collaborate and innovate with your colleagues, and where you can positively contribute each day to our mission. We foster an environment enabling personal growth and professional development and we strive to provide opportunities to challenge you and unlock your potential to enjoy a long, successful career within the Knipper Health team.


Through the last three decades, Knipper Health has continued to embody a family-like environment. Our family of contributors come from all walks of life, bringing their own experiences with them each day, some with a long history and others just starting their work journey.

We cherish our contributors’ rich and diverse backgrounds. We recognize that it is through our contributors’ unique qualities that they bring to work each day that propels Knipper Health to be innovative in our solutions and focused on the good work to be done each day, creating the shortest path from patient to therapy.

Knipper Health CHART Values & Inclusive Culture

The culture of a workplace is created by the behaviors and attitudes that everyone demonstrates while at work. Our daily actions have a powerful impact on our contributors, customers, and patients. With the right behaviors and attitudes, we deliberately create a positive, productive work environment that people enjoy working in.

Knipper’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice is woven into the fabric of the company through CHART and is repeated at all levels and throughout an employee’s tenure. We engage all of our staff in training, activities, and coaching to create a foundation for exemplary Customer, Patient, and Employee experiences. Knipper is proud to be a company that has a diverse population comprised of people of all backgrounds and communities and supports inclusive behaviors to ensure everyone feels their perspectives and contributions are valued.

Patient, Customer & Employee Experience (CX)

“Every action we take makes a difference!” is at the core of our Customer Experience culture. Each person knows we believe their individual actions can make a difference in the lives of others – including their peers, our customers, and the healthcare professionals and patients. Our contributors go out of their way to make a positive impact and to be inclusive — from one of our VPs hand- delivering samples to a physician’s office for a patient in need during the COVID pandemic, to one of our receptionist’s learning how to greet a group of visiting customers in their native language (Japanese). We recognize contributors for going above and beyond by awarding them CHART or Action Hero Awards.

Continuous Growth & Development

Within Knipper Health we pride ourselves on developing our contributors and providing advancement opportunities. When you learn and grow, embody CHART, and demonstrate solid performance and the desire to advance, you will see opportunities for you to strive toward. We ask each contributor to take the lead on their professional advancement and they will find a supportive approach to help them succeed in their career progression.

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Knipper Health is an integral part of the communities where we work and live. We have a cross-functional team that leads community service activities and initiatives throughout the year. In addition to the work that Knipper Health does as an organization, our contributors donate their time and funds, as individuals, to support meaningful causes. And while our collective efforts have been awarded recognition by various charitable organizations, we feel the real results are in those communities of people who are in need or whose lives have been unexpectedly upended. What we do, matters.

Beyond local, national and global fundraisers, because of our family-centric culture, many of the activities planned by the Knipper Health Activities Committee (KAC) include our contributors’ family members, such as Bring Your Sons & Daughters to Work Day, Company picnics and our annual Awards Gala. The KAC also plans regular events such as Contributor Appreciation Day, Customer/Patient Experience Week, Compliance Week and Learning Week. These events are fun, often they’re educational, and they always build comradery. We celebrate and educate our team on various cultures, ethnicities, religions, and highlight the people, past and present, who have advocated for the advancement of the historically underrepresented -we cherish our differences. The KAC has members from all levels of the organization so hopefully we’ll see you at the next meeting!

Knipper Environment Logo

Knipper Health is an eco-friendly organization, contributing to environmental sustainability at all levels of the organization. Through recycling, conserving water, and utilizing alternative energy we empower our contributors to participate in our companywide environmental sustainability commitment. Each on-site employee receives a Knipper Health re-usable water bottle and coffee mug to utilize while minimizing waste. Our distribution centers have solar panels that support 50% of the energy required to run our operations and as a company we are Growing Greener Every Day.

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Knipper Health has seven locations throughout the United States. Corporate offices and warehouse facilities are in New Jersey (Somerset, Lakewood). Warehousing and distribution services are also housed in our Charlestown, Indiana facility, supporting our 3PL services and sample distribution. Utilizing the shipping hubs near Louisville, KY, Charlestown facilitates our reach to the West Coast. A patient support center in Louisville, KY, serves Knipper Custom Pharmacy Solutions. In 2020, the acquisition of Eagle Pharmacy located in Lakeland, FL further expanded our Custom Pharmacy and patient support services.

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“I started at Knipper Health in 1995 as a Network Administrator. Throughout the years I have been able to witness and participate in many facets of Knipper Health’s ascension to the largest provider of sample management services. Change is constant; from the sale of the company to McKesson, to the divestiture back to Jim Knipper, and throughout the numerous acquisitions there has never been a lack of opportunity for growth as evidenced by my current role as Senior Vice President.

What does not change is the most important which are the values and principles instilled into the company by Jim and his father Joe from inception. Today, these values are represented in our CHART principles and provide a foundation for our actions.

As we continue to evolve and embark on our next chapter it is still exciting to be part of a team that is focused on delivering value to our customers, community, company, and contributors.”

– David Merkel, Senior Vice President


Knipper Health in 1992 for a short-term, temporary project; twenty-five years later I am still here.  I began as a line assembly worker and over time was able to utilize my skillsets in other departments and positions.  I was able to learn and grow into my current position as Sr. Manager of Operations.

The work we do here is not only important to the success of the pharmaceutical companies we service but to the health of patients as well.  My time here at Knipper Health and the work we perform has been challenging and satisfying.”

– Carol Chifulio, Senior Operations Manager


“I had the good fortune of meeting a man by the name of Joseph Knipper Healthover 20 years ago.  Joe was an amazing man and I was impressed by the respect that he had for his employees.  Joe knew everyone by their first name, and he would walk out onto the production floor and give a big hello to anyone who crossed his path.  Over the years, Knipper Health has grown and continues to add employees to our team, but in my opinion, we never forgot our roots or what brought us to where we are now – it still feels like the old days.  I have always been proud to work for this organization and grateful for what I have learned, and the growth opportunities and career goals that Knipper Health has helped me to achieve.”

– Linda Gallagher, Vice President, Pricing and Business Solutions

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